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This is where we come to understand what it is you are looking to achieve. We will take a fact find from you and use this information to evaluate what direction to go in to help you achieve your property aspirations. In this meeting we will run through our terms of business, explaining our terms as your advisers and the service you will receive from start to finish. We will also explain how we are remunerated and what you will pay for our mortgage arrangement services.


After gathering all the important information, we are then best placed to distinguish which provider from our comprehensive range of lenders best fit your circumstances. Through our expert knowledge of the market, we make sure we fulfill your aspirations with placing you with the top lender available.


During our second meeting this is where you will be provided with our findings and our best solution most tailored to you and your needs. We will explain to you without the jargon; what our recommendation is, a detailed explanation of why we have chosen the lender we have, the costs involved and what the next steps are.


Once you have confirmed you’re happy and would like to proceed with our recommendations, we will then provide you with personalised key features documents, product brochures and research material that illustrates why our recommendation is the most suitable for you. Finally, we will obtain your consent giving us authority to proceed with a mortgage application on your behalf.


To ensure we continue to deliver on our level of service we will regularly monitor the progress of your mortgage application and stay in communication with your solicitor to ensure that the whole process goes smoothly. After you get your keys, we will ensure that we always continue to review your mortgage and stay in frequent contact with you to ensure  that any change in circumstances are sufficed and that your needs remain fulfilled.


The most important factor to us in remaining successful and enhancing our reputation is through word of mouth. If you have had a positive experience with the service you have received, we welcome your help in introducing us to like-minded people who would also find our services of assistance. Referrals from our existing clients make up the majority of our business and any help to us by helping your friends and family goes a long way.




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